Save a Life

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Published in August 2017

How do you encourage New Yorkers to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline?

You make it easier for them to do so.

By focusing on an under-utilized space, I imagined every NYC payphone as a direct line to the Lifeline. Just dial 1-1-1 and you’ll instantly be connected with a crisis counselor.

Lenticular Imagery

The side of each booth houses a lenticular image, here displayed as a GIF.

From far away, the subject looks happy and the copy is positive. However, as you approach the installation, the subject’s expression turns to despair and the copy changes, revealing their true emotions.

Social Media

To de-stigmatize mental health illness, I’ve created #NYCSpeaksUp. These sample tweets are an example of the many powerful messages and stories New Yorkers will share on Twitter.

Gabe Schindler