Hunter Douglas


Hunter Douglas

Copywriter Intern for Perficient
Published on August 2015

Hunter Douglas Product Recommender

Hunter Douglas is the nation’s leading source for window treatments. However, with such a wide array of products, customers had difficulty finding the perfect item. With a full catalogue of Hunter Douglas’s products, features, and styles, we built a product recommender to match customers with curated items.


First, we worked with Hunter Douglas’s creative team to formulate a set of potential questions we could ask. From this list, we crafted five questions that take just a few minutes to complete.


Simplifying the Language

To explain technical jargon, we developed an education section that appears when the user clicks the help icon. These break down complicated terms into friendly, comfortable language.

Curated Results

After users complete the questionnaire, the system delivers a side-by-side comparison of suggested products.

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Try the Product Recommender here:

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